My wrist got fractured and our car was totaled, but 2015 was still rad


One could say that our 2015 was pretty shitty.

Two weekends ago, our car got totaled when we were driving home from San Diego on Highway 5. It was nighttime and raining, and another car came at us sideways to send us spinning, crashing into the median, and winding up facing the opposite direction of traffic. Pretty scary–especially since Wendy and I had our 7-year-old daughter with us. And my parents. And my brother’s mother-in-law. Three generations our family…

But after hours of waiting in the rain for a tow truck to arrive and my brother and me getting a rental from the airport while everyone else tried to stay awake at the Oceanside IHOP, we all got home in one piece albeit after 3:00 a.m. and not exactly in mint condition. I’m just amazed that our car didn’t get knocked around like a pachinko ball and that we somehow wound up on the median instead of in the middle of traffic. It could have easily been a tragic event and I’m just super happy that all of us are still here.


About six weeks before that, I had a titanium plate screwed into the bone under my left wrist after I fractured it in a bicycle  crash. I wasn’t doing anything gnarly or cool–just riding on the street with my family during Ciclavia and looking around for my niece when I veered too close to the curb, my right pedal slammed against it, and the bike stopped. Momentum kept me going over the handlebars and I instinctively braced my fall with my left hand, snapping back my wrist, jamming my forearm, and making it swell and hurt like crazy. I figured it was just sprained but the next day my doctor took one look at it and said it was fractured.

After ten days of correspondence with my insurer, I saw a specialist out in Pomona and had surgery shortly afterward. Not the fastest service or the most convenient location, but I’ve been healing up nicely and traveling with Wendy and/or my friend Chi and making pit stops at nearby Covina Tasty, Donut Man, and my old college friend Mike’s place in Claremont. That, and the fact that I’ve been able to type/work, do laundry, wash dishes, drive around, and wipe my own ass because I’m right handed has turned the situation into not much of a hassle.

So while 2015 has had its rough moments, I’m very grateful for what we have–especially as the year winds down and we look back.


Earlier this year, we were able to make trips with my family and my mom, in particular, who was fighting pancreatic cancer not too long ago. And we’ve been continuing to organize all-ages punk matinees to raise money for the music program at Eloise’s school, making friends and having a blast.

And throughout 2015, Wendy and I have been working at home on projects that we enjoy and getting to spend a lot of time together and with Eloise–which is especially awesome during the holidays. Right now my cousin Anthony is in town from Sacto, too!

I’m looking forward to doing more stuff that matters and being more diligent about writing in 2016… Save Music in Chinatown 8 sounds like a good place to start. Until then, hope you get to enjoy some time off with your family and friends, take inventory of what you’ve got, and recharge for an awesome upcoming year.

Author: martinkendallwong2014

Co-founder of Giant Robot magazine (RIP) and Save Music in Chinatown (since 2013)

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