The Linda Lindas – Mini-Set for Operation: Creative Freedom #3


On Sunday afternoon, The Linda Lindas played an outdoor, distanced, and masked (except for the singers) mini-set to support this year’s Operation: Creative Freedom group show, which my teacher friend Erik Caruso organizes to support art, music, and the empowering of kids at Harry Wirtz Elementary in Paramount, CA. Due to the pandemic, the art show took place on Instagram and the gig was streamed on Instagram Live.

It was the band’s first online performance and our first time streaming something like that. Sadly, I didn’t figure out how to save the footage with streaming comments. But we did set up a few video cameras, and Eloise edited the footage into what was live-streamed. You can watch it below!

It’s sad not having live shows these days, but exciting that opportunities and outlets like this are still happening for The Linda Lindas. Not everyone gets to work with friends (Erik and I go way back in supporting each other’s efforts, he coordinated the “Meet The Linda Lindas” video to show the fifth graders at his school last year, and we had so many mutual friends participating in the art show as well) on causes that matter to us (art, music, public education, kids) and have a platform to make statements about current events (wearing masks, showing support for BLM). We are lucky ones.

Thanks to Erik for always thinking of my family, our Save Music in Chinatown efforts, and The Linda Lindas. Thanks to everyone who helped make the show happen and watched it live. Perhaps the video that Eloise made will find its way to people who weren’t able to view the performance when it happened, and hopefully we’ll all be able to participate in person next year.


Author: martinkendallwong2014

Co-founder of Giant Robot magazine (RIP) and Save Music in Chinatown (since 2013)

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