Eloise Explains How To Make the King Puff (King Tuff) at Donut Friend


Who doesn’t love Donut Friend? The two-headed monster of tasty treats and rad music is unbeatable and founder Mark Trombino’s taste in both is on target. Cherry Three (Channel Three), Javabreaker (Jawbreaker), Chocolate From The Crypt (Rocket From The Crypt), Drive Like Jelly (Drive Like Jehu)–it isn’t easy to choose which one to devour.


Unless you’re Eloise who wants to mix and match her own custom donut, filling, and topping. When we dropped in on Donut Friend a couple of weeks ago, she assembled her own creation and in the spirit of the punk rock donut shop, named it after one of her favorite bands: The King Puff (King Tuff).


Last weekend, our first-grader vanished in her bedroom emerging only to ask, “How do you spell ‘glazed’?” And then she emerged with a saddle-stitched zine titled How To Make The King Puff!


The pages are reproduced here so you can make your own King Puff next time you’re on York Blvd. (Maybe right after visiting Permanent Records and the Thank You shop?) I had a bite of Eloise’s and it was great. Bon app├ętit and rock out!